Restaurant: Pho 95—Vietnamese

785-H Rockville Pike, Rockville MD

   (301) 294-9391

    Daily except Tuesday 11 am to 9 pm
    Friday & Saturday 11 am to 10 pm

 Reviewer:   Louis P. Solomon

Pho 95 offers 18 types of Pho. This is misleading. Actually, there are two types of Pho: regular size bowl ($5*) and large size bowl ($6*). Each Pho has delicious meat broth, filled with thin rice noodles. Then, you have your choice of toppings sliced razor thin: Eye of round, well done Flank, Fat Brisket, well done brisket, etc. These are added to your soup bowl and actually cook in the hot soup. In addition you are provided with a plate of fresh bean sprouts, large sprigs of fresh basil, and sliced hot peppers (careful). These are added to the very hot soup. The mixture never fails to satisfy my taste, in summer or winter. I add very spicy hot sauce to the noodles; this is not done by everyone. I always order two glasses of water with the bowl of soup. Pho 95 does not offer beer or wine.

What I have described is a standard Pho restaurant. However, Pho 95 has a wider view. They now offer a variety of Vietnamese dishes. One can order different appetizers such as shrimp rolls ($3*), spring rolls ($3*) and grilled beef wrapped in grape leaves ($5*). You may order rice dishes including different types of noodles, and laced with different additions such as vegetables, shrimp, beef, and chicken ($8*). Something that is also unusual is the different types of meat dishes. These include chicken curry ($8*), pork stirred with broccoli ($8*), ginger beef sit fried ($9*) and roasted quail ($9*). There are many different types of sea food with lemon grass ($9*) and stir fried squid with mixed vegetables (9*).

The restaurant is run by a rather large Vietnamese family. I can recognize the family members, but it is not clear who is the manager and owner. The restaurant has a very unusual décor: the walls from floor to ceiling are tiled in white and yellow tiles. Pho 95 is very clean with a functional set of tables. The restaurant is supported by the Vietnamese community. Families, small groups, and singles are always in evidence.

My wife and I frequently go to Pho 95 for very good Vietnamese food. She likes the spring rolls and crisp vegetable dishes; I invariably study the rather extensive menu and almost always order Pho. I am never disappointed in my choice. Unfortunately you cannot walk to Pho 95 from Kentlands, but it is a short and easy drive.


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