Outback Steakhouse

   12609 Wisteria Drive, Germantown MD

   (301) 353-9499

   Monday - Thursday 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
   Small changes on weekends

 Reviewer:   Louis P. Solomon

In general, I don’t like chain restaurants. They are too organized, and have no personality. In addition, they have poor or mediocre food.  But I am going to have to be more flexible in my thinking. This Outback, managed by Bud Teasely, is run like all restaurants should be. They take telephone reservations so when you arrive you won’t have to wait too long. They serve little appetizers (different items from their appetizer menu) to the people who are waiting, every 30 minutes. They serve complimentary drinks. Their staff is courteous and attends to your every wish without being obsequious. My wife and I both ordered steaks, medium rare. The server told us what this meant: pink, warm centers; that is exactly how they steaks came, accompanied by very crisp, fresh, steamed vegetables. The meal started with a tasty Caesar salad. We did not have drinks or dessert. The cost for each meal was less than $20.

Outback has a very nice menu. It includes varieties of steak in different sizes, good soups and salads, fish, chicken, and specials.  They also have some very good desserts (not my interest) and a small but perfectly adequate kids menu. Their “Bloomin Onion” is a very good appetizer if you like onions (I do). They also have excellent crab cakes. Their appetizers are reasonable ($7*) as are their soups ($4*) and salads ($10*). Outback is a beef house. Their other entrees are good, but Outback serves beef. I have had several different types of steaks as well as the prime rib. They were all, without exception, excellent. Teasely claims that his restaurant is the best steakhouse in the entire geographical area; it certainly is in the top 10%.

The restaurant is very clean, and is decorated in the western style. There are tables and booths. The customers range from large families to people eating alone. The wooden tables and plastered walls contribute to make the restaurant a little noisy for my taste but it is not overwhelming. As you would expect from a restaurant that takes pride in their crisp fresh vegetables the bathrooms are impeccably clean.

Teasely told me that the Bone and Fish Grill, (a chain owned by Outback) will shortly open in the Kentlands. I am looking forward to its arrival. Unfortunately you cannot walk to the Outback from Kentlands, but it is a short and easy drive. We will return regularly whenever we want a solid, excellent meal at reasonable cost.

May 2005

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