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We are pleased to present viewpoint columns by Louis P. Solomon.

Most of Louis Solomon's career was spent in the military-industrial community working on anti-submarine systems.    He has also taught at the university level and founded the firm, Planning Systems.    His current interests include co-authoring books of fiction and non-fiction.   Solomon holds an MS degree in Aero/Astro from MIT and a BA and PhD in Engineering from UCLA.

Solomon is an avid amateur small boat sailor and cruises his sailboat, Dream Maker, on the Chesapeake Bay and up and down the East Coast.    He lives in the Kentlands with his wife, Leslie Marks.

  1. The Birth of a Column   June 2005

  2. Concepts of Responsibility and Courtesy   July 2005

  3. Living with Gusto   August 2005

  4. The Rise and Fall of Organizations   September 2005

  5. The Real Issue in Dealing with Katrina   October 2005

  6. Some Comments on the Supreme Court   November 2005

  7. Confusion: Mine   December 2005

  8. Working as Catharsis   January 2006

  9. Government Eavesdropping   February 2006

  10. Government Eavesdropping  How They Do It   March 2006

  11. The Coming Catastrophe  Our Helplessness and Our Response   April 2006

  12. The National Anthem   May 2006

  13. Alternative Power Sources  with Dick Van Orden  June 2006

  14. The Energy Problem  with Dick Van Orden  July 2006

  15. Nuclear Power (Fission)  with Dick Van Orden  August 2006

  16. Hydrogen and its Uses  with Dick Van Orden  September 2006

  17. Fuel Cells with Dick Van Orden  October 2006

  18. The Ultimate Automobile  with Dick Van Orden  November 2006

  19. Nuclear Power (Fusion)  with Dick Van Orden  December 2006

  20. Global Warming: True or False?  with Dick Van Orden  January 2007

  21. A Potential Partial Solution to our Oil and Energy Problems  with Dick Van Orden  February 2007

  22. Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (ADRD)  with Dick Van Orden  March 2007

  23. To the Hilt  April 2007

  24. A Bittersweet Trip  May 2007

  25. Musings on Old Age  June 2007

  26. The Language Corps and the National Security Education Program  July 2007

  27. The Language Corps—Reprise  August 2007

  28. The Michael Vick Incident  September 2007

  29. Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow  October 2007

  30. I Don't Get It  November 2007

  31. What Shall We Do?  February 2008

  32. Some Ideas on What To Do   March 2008

  33. Random Thoughts  April 2008

  34. What Is Going On?  May 2008

  35. Our Veterans  June 2008

  36. Liberals and Conservatives: Who is Who?  July 2008

  37. Fear for the United States of America  August 2008

  38. Priorities and Decision Making: Energy in the U.S.  September 2008

  39. Some Comments on a National Energy Policy  October 2008

  40. More thoughts on Energy Issues  November 2008

  41. Some Observations about Politics  December 2008

  42. My Naïve Elation  January 2009 in Viewpoints

  43. Live the Dream: Write Your Book!  February 2009

  44. The Future of Humanity  March 2009

  45. Greed and Its Solution  April 2009

  46. Finally, the Light Dawns  May 2009

  47. A Glimmer of Hope  June 2009

  48. May You Live in Interesting Times  July 2009

  49. Time for Speaking Up  August 2009

  50. Technology for Seniors  September 2009

  51. In Praise of Expertise  October 2009

  52. Comprehensive Health Care Reform  November 2009

  53. The War in Afghanistan  December 2009

  54. Rational Behavior  January 2010

  55. Anger with Criticism  February 2010

  56. Transmission of Personality Traits  March 2010

  57. Disgust and Sorrow  April 2010

  58. Rethinking My Position  May 2010

  59. Setting Up the First Gaithersburg Festival—Pictures  Summer 2010

  60. Some Observations on Libertarianism  Fall 2010

  61. Velma Hart: A Lesson for Us All December 2010

  62. Tragedy in Tucson January 2011


Life Echoes Family Legacy Publishing Service Offers Hope for Lost Memories

Louis Solomon currently of Bethesda, and formerly of Kentlands, may have discovered just the thing to prevent memory loss.  In fact, his concept can actually preserve memories…for years to come.

Solomon is the founder and president of Life Echoes, a family legacy publishing service that uses modern technology to create—believe it or not—good old fashioned books filled with the stories and memories of a lifetime.

Solomon came up with his product soon after a conversation with a friend.  “His daughter came home from school and immediately started peppering him with questions about her grandparents for an assignment,” Solomon says.  “Questions such as ‘Where did they come from? Did they come through Ellis Island? What did Grandpa do for a living? Where did they live? What did they like to eat? Did Grandma have special recipes?’ My friend was stunned, because he realized that although he knew some of the answers, he certainly didn’t know all of them.  Since his parents had not been very forthcoming with information before they passed away, my friend realized that a part of his children’s history could never be retrieved.”

And, with that, Life Echoes was formed.  Life Echoes is a Family Legacy Book Publishing Service that helps clients generate a book with stories from their lives merely by speaking into a digital voice recorder. This recorder gets transcribed into a manuscript and is edited by Life Echoes’ professional team of editors.   The edited stories, along with the client’s own photos, become a beautiful, heirloom-quality book that will last for generations.

One satisfied Life Echoes client is RADM Dick Van Orden. Van Orden, a 1944 Naval Academy graduate, chose to tell the stories of his service in WWII, his career and his family. He was lucky enough to have kept some photos from 1943 that further enhance his stories. “I love the Life Echoes program,” he says. “It’s wonderful knowing that my children will hear stories they’ve never heard, and those stories will extend to my grandchildren and great grandchildren. Through the storytelling process, I’m finding that I remember much more than I initially thought I would. The digital voice recorder is so easy to use- even for someone not very technologically savvy like myself.”

“We want people to enjoy the experience from start to finish and make it as easy as possible,” Solomon adds.  “Not only does the program come with an easy-to-follow guide for sharing one’s stories, but we offer helpful videos on our website, and a top-notch customer service team.”

To learn more about how to preserve your memories in a Life Echoes book, contact Life Echoes. (240) 403-7603, or visit their website at


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