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Marie ODonnell

Marie O'Donnell was the first child to play in Kentlands after Otis Beal Kent gave the land that name. In the picture on the left, the Arts Barn is visible, and the child stands in front of the house which is now white with black trim and stands at the entrance to the Old Farm district of Kentlands. The house was doubled in the early nineties before it became one of the early properties of what we now know as the present community. Kentlands was then a part of Rockville and was not annexed into Gaithersburg until the plans for the current community were under way. Marie rode the school bus to school in Rockville.

Ms O'Donnell called Kent "Uncle Otis," and he referred to her as his "granddaughter." She moved to Kentlands at approximately the age of two and has fond memories of sitting on Kent's lap while he played Beautiful Dreamer for her.

Marie O'Donnell now lives in Western Maryland.



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