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Marien Helz is originally from Gaithersburg and began writing the Growing Up in Gaithersburg column for an HOA paper in 2003.

She holds a Master's degree in English and American literature from the University of Iowa, a Master of Fine of Arts degree from the world renowned Iowa Writers' Workshop [the only organization to receive the National Humanities Medal, presented by the U.S. government in 2003], a Master's degree from the University of Buffalo Reading Specialist Program, and a PhD in English Research from the University of Buffalo.

She splits her time between Kentlands and a classic village in the Buffalo-Niagara region of Western New York state where she is a college professor–a  profession she began at the age of twenty-two.

Marien Helz's most recent past columns are available here in Adobe files.    Click on the underlined links below to access the Adobe files.    If you do not have Adobe on your computer, you can download a free copy here:

  1. Happening   September 2005
  2. Wedding   October 2005
  3. Figurine   November 2005
  4. Gifts and Giving   December 2005
  1. Names   January 2006
  2. Moving to Gaithersburg  February 2006
  3. Children and Safety  March 2006
  4. Grave Danger―for Jonathan   April 2006
  5. Sugarloaf Mountain  May 2006
  6. Gardening.   June 2006
  7. Mothers.   July 2006
  8. Fathers.   August 2006
  9. Real Class―True Grace   September 2006
  10. Harvest and Halloween.   October 2006
  11. Trouble. November 2006
  12. Santa Claus December 2006

Winner of the 2007 Grand Award for Writing

The Apex judges say this about Helz's work: "Marvelously told stories of growing up—poignant, and written with passion and clarity. Vignettes are filled with beautifully detailed word pictures. A storyteller's tour de force."

  1. Treasures.  January 2007
  2. Paperboy.  February 2007
  3. The Final Snow and The Follies. March 2007
  4. Renewal. April 2007
  5. Scouting. May 2007
  6. Trains. June 2007
  7. Woods. July 2007
  8. Dogs and I’m-so-Fine-the-Law-Doesn’t-Apply-to-Me People  August 2007
  9. Magic Soil. September 2007
  10. Mean Teachers. October 2007
  11. Sound   November and December 2007
  12. Childhood Friends   January 2008
  13. Nosy Neighbors   February 2008
  14. Science Fair   March, April, & May 2008
  15. Wisconsin in August   June & July 2008
  16. Weeds: Annoying to Disastrous   August, September, & October 2008
  17. Charlie   November, December, January 2009
  18. Memories from My Mother   February, March, April 2009
  19. Movie Houses   May, June, July 2009
  20. Labor Day Parade   August, September, October 2009
  21. Moving Back   November, December, January 2009-10
  22. Snow   February, March, April 2010
  23. The Farm   May, June, July 2010
  24. High School  August, September, October 2010



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