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End of the Bohrer-Katz Era in Gaithersburg

How the Railroad Changed Gaithersburg

Louis Solomon

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This magazine is no longer regularly published nor this site updated but remains posted for historical and archival purposes.

Archetypal Towns and Villages of Country and City

Maryland 20878 began as  Kentlands Dot Us in 2004. We were a publication of the Kentlands community.  As a result of our growing popularity, we soon expanded to cover the Lakelands community as well at KentLakes, and then once again expanded to Maryland 20878 covering Gaithersburg and beyond. We previously posted this site as a monthly news publication, but we found that our readership likes the more permanent informational material that we offer. We continue to post articles by our international award-winning writers and have past articles available.

Kentlands is a village which was designed and built on the concept of 19th century towns.

Archetypal towns and villages, of which Kentlands is the first, are actually designed by architects and developers who create communities and the towns in which they exist for a more pleasing life-style than in the developments that arose in the 1950s. 

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These community designers eschew the "little boxes" types of houses that were built in single use communities during the second half of the twentieth century, and hearken to the classic hometowns that dotted the landscape from New England to the Pacific coast before 1950. These architects recreate Currier and Ives villages. 


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